Wes Peden: Club kick

Benedikte Esperi: inSITEout (Photo:Paula Lindblom)

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We offer services for freelancers in the cultural and creative sectors. Our goal is to free you from the administrative burdens that come with your line of work: employment, contracting, managing projects, etc. This will allow you to spend more time on what really matters: your creative projects.

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The amount you enter above will be deducted by 50% for taxes, social fees and SMarts fee. For a more advanced calculation, register a SMart account for free.

If you are a musician or pensioner, other tax brackets apply to you. Contact us for a proper salary calculation.

If you have need for more complex calculations pertaining to your project, contact SMart to find out how we can help you with project administration, and receive access to our free budget template for bigger projects.