It costs nothing to register. Nor does it cost you if you do not charge anything. SMart only takes 6.5% of the invoiced amount. 2% of these go to a guarantee fund.

As a SMart user, you get:
  • Salary within one week and the possibility of advances on granted funding
  • A supervisor who answers your questions
  • A collection of simple tools for budget, contract, billing and expenses to handle different types of assignments and projects
  • An administrative basis for cooperation
  • Opportunity to apply for public funding without your own legal structure such as an association or a company
  • All administration gathered in one place
  • Access to specialist knowledge about your industry and its special regulations
  • Insurance specially designed for creative and cultural activities
  • The entire administrative package of tax and VAT management according to current rules, accounting, accounting, financial statements and auditing
  • Help with international assignments and projects
  • SMart reinvests all profits in the business and develops new tools in consultation with our users.