1. Your adviser

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Your adviser will support you in the use of SMart tools and answers questions about pricing, taxes, unemployment benefit, copyright and more. All SMart advisers have good knowledge of how the cultural industries work. If something is unchecked we will look for the answer in our network. Tutorials are included at no extra charge. Of course, [...]

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2. SMart account for individuals

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In your SMart account, you can handle invoices and other revenue and expenses associated with an assignment or project. The concept is simple. The SMart account can be filled up and emptied according to your or your project needs. You control when it's time to invoice, pay a salary or get a replacement. Examples of revenue [...]

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3. SMart account for groups

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Group or partnerships If you are two or more people working together, you can create a SMart account for the group. The advantage is that the group's activities are gathered in one place, you can bill with one sender, choose between paying a salary to colleagues or that your colleagues invoice SMart for their contribution. If [...]

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4. Apply for funding

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Cultural projects without their own legal structure, like a not for profit association (ideell förening) or a company, can apply for public funding through SMart Productionhouse . The project receives a professionally managed administration supported by an advisor and can employ its project members. SMart is a formal party in the application and has an organization [...]

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5. Invoice without company

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SMart offers a collection of simple tools for managing your assignments and projects. One of these is invoicing. We hire you and then you can bill your clients without having your own company. Whether you make simple invoices or want to run more complex projects and collaborations with us, our staff checks that it is correct, [...]

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7. Fair deals

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SMart works for fair terms and conditions for our users and that agreements are made in advance. In addition, we have contract templates for different types of assignments and projects in Swedish and English. When SMart is invoicing, we also sign the agreements. It is always clear that it is the user who will perform the [...]

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8. Work internationally

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Do you want to work with a European contractor or partner? SMart solves VAT questions, exchange rates and we advise on work permits. You can work in internationally while billing and getting your salary through SMart in Sweden Europeans in your project can be paid in their home countries - with the tax, contract, etc. of [...]

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What does it cost?

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It costs nothing to register. Nor does it cost you if you do not charge anything. SMart only takes 6.5% of the invoiced amount. 2% of these go to a guarantee fund. As a SMart user, you get: Salary within one week and the possibility of advances on granted funding A supervisor who answers your questions [...]

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