Smart is a cooperative productionhouse that is owned by its members. Members in Smart are often cultural and creative cultivators. They work with media, social sustainability, environmental issues, teaching, architecture and urban development within tech, digital events, interaction design and games.

Smart works like an employment cooperative, so instead of running your own business our members run their projects within Smart and gets employed by the cooperative. Smart members run about 130 different projects within the cooperative each year. Sweden has got around 1700 members and more than 6000 creative freelancers in our network. Smart is a non profit organization. Our goal is to encourage and promote our members economical and organizational growth and insure them an increased social security by giving them employment, good contracts and insurances. Our cooperative principles regarding co-ownership and influence are some of the main focus points in Smart.

Smart is a European platform cooperative that is located in 8 countries around Europe; Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Austria. We have a total of 90.000 freelancers in the cooperative, that mostly works in cultural and creative industries. 

Many of our members do collaborative projects, both within Sweden but also abroad. We therefore work for a common, decentralized platform both to create increased visibility for our members, simplification of their project management and increased match-making between members but also towards other communities. The goal is a decentralized infrastructure that strengthens practitioners’ ability to self-organize and to enable new types of both temporary and long-term collaborations, cross-sectoral and innovative cross-fertilization, P2P (Peer to peer) skills exchange and create greater organic reach both within and outside their own area of activity.

We have stepped straight into a paradigm shift, filled to the brim with complex challenges, which the individual actor can not be expected to solve on their own, therefore we work at Smart to build a strong and diversified community where individual actors together can create conditions for better self-organization, greater security and a common voice.