Welcome to Smart’s informal and educational info sessions in arts project administration

Since 2012 Smart Sweden has held both informal and formal info sessions and educational workshops for arts practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge of practical arts management. These sessions have been organized both on a peer to peer basis where participants have been able to share best practices and experiences but also with our own team of high experienced arts managers and producers. As 2020 webinars have replaced all IRL activities until further notice.

Smart offers a intensive half day workshops in project management for students and active artists / project leaders/ cultural producers  who plan to do  freelance work, start a project as individual or as a group, create a dance/theatre/circus company or apply for funding for an arts or culture project. The course is available for beginners or for those who have already worked in projects. The workshops offers hands on tools for managing everything from local to international projects, from festivals to single performances, projects with 1 to 10 or more people. As well as this we also go through invoicing for freelance work, VAT (moms) and how to price your own work. Our workshop leaders are experienced producers and artists who specialize in project management and cultural funding as well having worked as freelance artists themselves.

In the course we go through:

  • How to do a project budget (workshop)
  • What do you need to consider in a arts funding application
  • What do you give yourself and others in your project a salary
  • Manage different types of costs; travel, per diems, materials, invoices
  • Contract writing; national and international
  • How to run an international collaborative arts project with participants from many countries

At the end of the course, all participants will be able to (through SMART Production House digital platforms);

  • Apply for different types of arts funding
  • Manage and create an project budget for your art project
  • Pay salaries to yourself and other project participants
  • Know how to handle costs in your project
  • Know about VAT and what can be deducted and save money for your project
  • Manage international collaborations
  • Have access to a qualified economist with experience in cultural projects
  • Submit financial report to Smart

The goal of this intensive workshop  is that  all participants will have the tools required to handle a professional art or cultural project as well as day to day practical tools for invoicing, contracts etc .

The Smart course can be hosted by collages, universities, hubs and organizations as well as on a peer to peer basis for professional practitioners in art and culture. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as our newsletter for more information and when the next workshop takes place.