Smart is a powerful community and cooperative of freelancers, artists and creatives working in nine European countries. Together we are nearly 100 000 members of which 2000 in Sweden. Many are now facing hard times during the current crisis. Some countries, such as Germany, Sweden and Austria are seeing some state-financed emergency fonds and support measures (more or less ambitious). In many European countries there is no such support for freelancers with short-term, project based work. Smart as a European, shared-economy cooperative has the strong intention to form a roof of solidarity in these times of crisis and to help members who are confronted with cancelled projects, contracts and postponed events etc.
This announcement shall be a starting point of working on a solidarity plan/an act of solidarity  beyond the national borders with the ambition to give a stronger visibility and a growing voice for all of those freelancers, who are finding themselves out of work and outside the social security structure of society (sick leave, unemployment benefit, child care benefit etc)
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