How can Smart help you? 

On this page you will find information on what applies to you who is a member of Smart now during the Corona crisis. Smart puts forward 6 concrete steps for how we can help you as well as tips on things that may be extra important to think about right now.

  • Get 10-20% more in salary from your invoiced assignments and project support
    Right now we at Smart can raise your salary between 10-20% due to the reduced employer tax. This applies to those who have registered as a member and who invoice over SEK 5,000 for one month. The amount will benefit you in June. This is so that Smart can distribute the amount between all invoicing members solidarically.  Unfortunately this does not apply if you are born before 1954. Not yet a member? Register as a member by sending an email to and marking it with your name + ’member’ or call us at the office on 08 122 00 680. During the Corona crisis Smart does not charge any membership fees.
  • You can add some (1/3) of your income as an investment cost.
    This means that you can deduct the VAT on these and get more money in your account if you know that you need to make purchases for your business. NOTE: Can affect how your opportunities to take part in the social security systems (see below). In our salary calculator, calculate how your salary is affected by charging costs
  • You can apply for cultural support or public funding for projects.
    Read more about applying for project support with Smart here
  • Smart’s insurance covers you when you work
    Contact us if you want to know more.
  • You can get help with contracts, especially important now!
    Smart has different types of contract templates, both in Swedish and English that you as a member have access to. We recommend anyone who has incoming assignments to check that their contract is valid even in current circumstances. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us.
  • Strengthen your possibilities as a freelancer to benefit from the social security systems
    For those with slightly larger activities in Smart, it may be interesting to strengthen your possibilities to access the social protection networks; A-kassa, sick pay, VAB etc. For example, for the A-kassa, it is important that you meet the following criteria:
  1. That you worked 60 hours a month or more
  2. Invoiced SEK 90,000 or more over a six-month period or SEK 15,000 a month. This sum can be distributed as salaries over a half-year period. NOTE: It is important to point out that you have to take this out as salary and not as for example expenses, allowances!
  3. Been a member of an A-fund for 3 months or more

Could this be relevant to you? In this case, we recommend that you contact us on 08 122 00 680 and we will put together a salary plan for you.

NOTE: Smart cannot guarantee that you will be able to get A-kassa or similar. Only the A-kassan or the Försäkringskassan can grant it. What Smart can do however is to help you meet as many requirements as possible for a working condition, which in turn could significantly increase your chances of being granted support.

PS: Until the Covid -19 crisis is over we will pause all membership fees!