It is with delight that we can share that SMart has been selected for the ’ICT-Enabled Social Innovation’ (IESI) Award, granted by the Joint Research Center from the European Commission.

The Award is assigned to the winners of three categories, namely:

1) Best evidence of impact;
2) Most promising innovative solution;
3) Best initiative in the field of Active and Healthy Ageing.

The IESI project spanned over 3 years and led to the collection of over 600 initiatives of ICT-enabled social innovation; among them, 300 initiatives met the eligibility criterion (i.e. evidence of results) and were included in the IESI Knowledge Map 2016.

Of the 300 initiatives, a selection process narrowed the nominees down from 15 for each category to 5 and then 3. SMart is thus 1 of the 3 candidates to win in the category “best evidence of impact”.