Smart is Europe’s largest freelance cooperative with 90,000 members in nine countries and 40 cities. Our members are freelancers and represent a wide range of professions. All members have chosen to organize themselves together, cooperatively, instead of running individual companies and associations. This makes us strong by being many, we can pool resources, facilitate collaborations and be part of a community.

If you are a registered user, this does not mean that you automatically become a member of the cooperative. Contact us to join the cooperative and become a paying member of Smart.

Structures, support and service in a cooperative
As a member, you should be able to share networks, resources, experiences and build common services. You will also receive support in creative processes through e.g. mentoring program.

Economic benefits in a cooperative
Membership in a cooperative must provide financial strength both through numbers and influence on the economy. The cooperative can coordinate purchases, share common workspaces and provide a better negotiating position for loans, insurance and pensions.

Access to the whole of Europe
As a member of Smart Freelance Cooperative, you belong to a European network. It provides access to workplaces, partners and exchanges in almost all of Europe.

Over 1500 members in Sweden alone! How can we use each other?!
A cooperative is based on activities for the members and by the members. There are enormous resources and skills from north to south with opportunities for collaboration, support and inspiration from each other. Read more about the other members in Smart Coop here