Smart does not tolerate sexual harassment in their workplace. That is why we adopt a new strategy to identify, manage and counteract sexual harassment at the workplace.

Smarts value is based on an equal and norm critical treatment.  We want to put the values into practice that the organization has developed over the years, in the personnel policy as well as in collaborations with other organizations. The management and the Board of Smart is aware that sexual harassment is a serious work-environmental issue and that its the employers responsibility to make sure that sexual harassment never occur. We are currently making an addition that makes the workplace to prevent and deal with sexual harassment and violations at the workplace. 

Smart will from now on prevent and deal with all behaviors among our employees and our collaborative partners that can be seen as sexual harassment according to the law: The law of discrimination chapter 1 4§ 4 (Diskrimineringslagen 1 kapitel 4 § 4 punkt):

Sexual harassment: conduct of a sexual nature that violates someone’s dignity.

This means Smart as a workplace, client and partner:

  • Promotion of equal treatment in the workplace.
  • Combating abusive discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Adoption of a joint approach to prevent and act when we discover violence or violations.
  • The promotion of disclosure obligation and opportunity.
  • Investigation of all existing suspicions of sexual harassment or violations.