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Niklas Hellberg
Niklas HellbergSenior advisor & Coordinator
Niklas has a background as a opera director and project manager. He uses his background in his dialogue with artists and creators and to facilitate collaboration between different sectors. Niklas also has a background in cultural planning and urban development and has initiated different kinds of events, dialogues and happening.
Frida Wikström
Frida WikströmCommunications
Frida has many years of experience both as communications expert and freelancing creative producer and in communications. She has previously worked at Stockholm university and in Stockholm City Municipality. She is the founder of of art production company Floating Pictures productions and has initiated several high profile interaktive light installation events across Europe. Frida has a wide understanding of the role as cultural producer and freelancer. Frida speaks fluent French and English
Martin Hasselgren
Martin HasselgrenAdvisor & economy assistent
Martin Hasselgren is our advisor and economy assistent. He is also a director and educator but surprisingly he also does mimicing. So he has been a freelancer himself for over 20 years. That makes him very talented in the fields of freelancing and projects within performing arts.
Iwona Preis
Iwona PreisChair of Smart Sweden
Iwona Preis is CEO for Intercult with a long and extensive experience from the arts sector. She is specialized in European and international collaborative projects. Since 2015 she is also chair of the European plattform River//Cities Smart Sweden. Iwona speaks swedish, english, polish and russian
Shekufeh Pariab
Shekufeh PariabAccounting economist
Shekufeh Pariab has a master in accounting economy from Stockholm University. Shekufeh speaks Swedish, Persian and English. In her free time she focuses on her music in the genre folk and world music.
Vanessa Pers
Vanessa PersContent Creator & Communication intern
Vanessa Pers is currently Smarts communication intern and she also handles the social media platforms including content creating. She is also a freelancer within acting and modeling.
Henrik Bäckbro
Henrik BäckbroAccountant and advisor
Henrik combines his work as accountant at Smart with his career as actor, mimer and producer
Fredric Öslöf
Fredric ÖslöfProject manager in marketing and communications
Jesus Redondo
Jesus RedondoEconomist & controller
Jesus is originally Madrid where he trained as an economist. He has also worked as marketing strategist, controller and economist from 25 years in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Polen, Norway and Sweden. Jesus speaks fluent spanish, italian, swedish and english
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