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Smart is a cooperative productionhouse that is owned by its members. The majority of Smart members are cultural and creative cultivators within media, social sustainability, environmental issues, teaching, architecture and urban development.

Smart operates as an employment cooperative, enabling our members to run their own projects with the security that employment offers instead of having to start their own businesses. Smart has approximately 1700 members and more than 6000 creative freelancers within our network who run about 130 different projects within the cooperative each year.

Smart is a non profit organization whose goal is to encourage and promote our members’ economical and organizational growth while providning them with the increased social security of employment, insurances and fair contracts. The principles regarding co-ownership and influence of our members are a core value within Smart.

Smart is a European platform cooperative that is located in 8 countries around Europe; Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Austria. We have a total of 90.000 freelancers in the cooperative, that mainly work within cultural and creative industries.

Many of our members perform collaborative projects, both within Sweden and abroad. Due to this, Smart works towards creating a common, decentralized platform to increase visibility for our members, simplification of their project management and match-making between members and communities. The goal is to build a strong and diversified community where individual artists can come together to create better conditions for self-organization, greater security and a common voice.

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Smart caters to all freelancers with cultural and creative activities.
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