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Invoicing through SMART

If you are not registered as a sole-trader (enskild firma) or association (förening) you can use send invoices through Smart. Our invoicing tool is optimized for both groups and individuals.

Smart’s invoicing fee is percentually based on the invoiced amount and set according to your individual needs. Our fee includes a 15 minute personal info session.. Creating a Smart account is free, our fee is charged once you create your first invoice through Smart.

How to invoice through Smart

1. Register at Smart. When you register, you recieve an advisor whom you can contact with any questions or advice

2. Inform Smart of your work assignments. Registering your work assignments guarantees that you are insured for the duration of your assignment. The best way to do that is to email with the following information:

  • client
  • location
  • time period
  • any costs (travel, material, etc.)

Feel free to call 08 122 006 80 if you have any questions.

3. Invoicing steps

  1. Log in to your Smart page
  2. Create a new Client.
  3. Select client and create the invoice.
  4. Your Smart advisor will ensure that the invoice has the correct information before it is sent to the client.

NOTE: Smart adds 25% VAT to most invoices, with a few exceptions. Learn more about which VAT rules apply here

4. Work costs. As an employee of Smart Coop, you can deduct costs for your assignments and projects. Read more here

5. Contracts. When invoicing through Smart we provide and sign contracts with you, as our employee, and with the client. Contact your advisor for more information on which contract templates suit your assignments or projects to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

Regardless of which type of assignment or project you have, you are always employed by Smart and thereby recieve the benefits of employment such as: insurance, unemployment benefits, certification of employment, etc.

Smart pays your tax and social security contributions and you can also set aside a retirement pension through Smart. You can read more about your employments and its benefits here

Our advisors2023-12-14T14:01:53+00:00

A Smart advisor will support you in the use of Smart’s tools and administration. They can answer questions about pricing, taxes, unemployment benefits, copyright and more. All Smart advisors are well versed in the function of the cultural industries and if there is something we don’t know we will find the answer in our network.

Naturally you are in charge of the amount of interaction with Smart during your activities and assignments. We are available by phone, mail, Skype and you are always welcome to book a time at our office in Stockholm.

For any questions you may have prior to registering, please kontakt us at or via phone 08 122 006 80.

Smart account for individuals2023-12-14T14:10:07+00:00

Through your Smart account, you can manage invoices, revenue and expenses associated with an assignment or project. The concept of a Smart account is simple. It can be filled or distributed according to your needs. You have sole responsibility of when to invoice, pay a salary or recieve a reimbursment.

Examples of revenue are invoiceable fees, public funding and royalties.
Examples of costs include salaries, consultant fees, production costs, travel expenses and pensions.

If you have several assignments or earn higher income, you can spread your salary payments over the course of several months.

Smart statements
Your Smart account statement lists all revenue and expenses in chronological order and is updated whenever an activity occurs within your project, adding transparancy to the financial management of your projects.

Smart account for groups2023-12-18T08:40:54+00:00

Group or partnerships
If you are two or more people working together, you can create a Smart account for the group. The advantage of a group account is that the group’s activities are gathered in one place. This enables billing from a single sender, the option to pay a salary to the project members/participants or have them invoice Smart for their contribution. There is also the added advantage of having a Smart advisor with the overall perspective of the groups administration regardless if it’s members change from project to project.

Invoicing through Smart2023-12-18T08:50:48+00:00

Through Smart you have the option to create simple invoices or handle complex projects or collaborations. In any case Smart staff verifies that the information and invoicing is correct and in line with current laws and regulations pertaining to creative projects.

When invoicing through Smart you are employed for the duration of the work period/assignment for which you are invoicing and you can then bill your clients without having a registered company. Once the assigment is complete Smart bills the client and pays out salary within one week, regardless of when the client pays the invoice.

OBS: Smart employees are always insured during their employment

Fair deals2023-12-18T09:11:07+00:00

Smart strives to create fair terms and conditions for our users by providing contract and assignment templates that reflect current legislation and working laws in both english and swedish.

When invoicing through Smart, Smart is the contract signee and thereby takes responsibility toward the client for our users during their assignment. This allows us to ensure clarity of the division of responsibility on the details pertaining to the assignments and gives us authority in any disputes that may arise between participant and client.



Working internationally2023-12-18T09:50:28+00:00

Do you want to work with a European contractor or partner? Smart can advise you on: VAT questions, exchange rates, work permits and more.

Through Smart you can work internationally while billing and getting your salary through Smart in Sweden.
Any European participants in your project can be paid in their home countries – with the correct tax, contract, etc. of the relevant country.

The opportunity for expanding your European network through Smart and our founding company, Intercult, is endless. We are able to support you in making new contacts and and expanding your knowledge within the european market.