What risks are there in your work environment? What is a risk? What is work environment?

For different Smart Users, the work environment can look very different. The same applies to the risks associated with it. Regardless of what your work environment looks like, it is judged according to physical, social and organizational conditions. The physical work environment refers to how your work environment actually and spatially looks. Is it designed to fit your body and abilities or is it uncomfortable or downright dangerous? The social work environment refers to interaction and support from managers and colleagues. The organizational work environment refers to how the work is laid out. For example, is it a fair amount of work and do you have the necessary tools to be able to solve the task?

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Systematic work environment at Smart

What risks are there in your work environment? To understand that, you must first understand what a risk is. A risk is something that can affect your health negatively or that can be harmful. You also need to understand what the work environment is. read more here 

Work environment policy

SmartSe AB is a non-profit production house that offers jobs to freelancers. The business includes project administration and supervision. The majority of employees work scattered throughout the country and Europe. This requires advanced cutting-edge expertise and basic transparent financial supervision and continuously updated work environment work. The systematic work environment work follows the guidelines laid down in AFS 2001:1. This means that the workplace must be continuously examined, the physical, organizational and social work environment must be assessed so that any risks can be detected and remedied so that ill health and accidents are prevented. The risks that cannot be remedied immediately must be noted in an action plan with time planning for measures, division of responsibilities that enables follow-up and annual review and follow-up. The systematic work environment work follows documented routines. Read more here 

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