Do you or your group plan to apply for arts funding for a project?

Cultural projects can apply for public funding through Smart which can benefit them as Smart is the applicant organization and handles the administration, employer responsibility and manages all project costs such as invoices from project participants with their own company (enskild firma).

  • Applying for cultural funding through Smart is exclusive to our paying members of the cooperative.
  • The applicant i.e the cultural creator or group stands for content and quality in the application and takes responsibility for the implementation of the project.
  • Smart takes responsibility for reporting the project’s finances according to the funding organization’s guidelines.
    Smart is accountable for all of the project’s VAT costs, which means that 0 kr will disappear from arts funding towards VAT costs. In short: More culture for the money!
  • Every project handled within Smart is assigned an advisor who is experienced in managing arts projects and is knowledgeable of culture, administration and finance. During the project you can always turn to your advisor with any questions that arise. Our advisors are available to give administrative support during the project period.
  • It is important to note that Smart advisors are not producers or on-site project managers. Smart advisors need to have a project manager within the project who is responsible for the communication and contact with Smart.
  • All Smart projects also have access to Smart’s templates, such as budget and contract templates which are provided in both Swedish and English.
  • If you have individually received a personal grant or cultural scholarship and wish to use it for a multi-participant project, you can transfer the scholarship / cultural support to Smart and have manage all costs and wages within the project. One big advantage in doing so is that Smart then pays all VAT costs so they are not charged to your project budget. Resulting in a lower costs for you and your project.

NOTE: Smart does not write any applications but can help review the application before send-off as well as the project budget.

Who is Smart for?


  • anyone who is lacking their own structure or business platform in the form of an association or company.
  • those who do not have the knowledge or the interest in handling the administrative side of project management and finances.
  • those whose association or company is not registered for VAT but want to benefit from Smart’s option to pay the project’s VAT costs.NOTE: It is important to verify that the financier approves Smart as applicant organization. Some financiers may require that only non-profit associations (ideella föreningar) or local organizations can apply for funding. If that is the case, let us know and we’ll see if there is another way to do it.

What does it cost?

Smart Production house charges a percentual fee of the project’s total income. We provide three levels of service and the fee for your project is set after an initial meeting where we can assess your needs.

Interested? Contact us at with as much information about your project as you can. Such as how much you intend to apply for, who will be included in the project, scope and possible partners.

If you are in Stockholm, you can book a meeting with us at Nytorgsgatan 15A by calling 08 122 00 680 or emailing the address above. For those who are interested in getting in touch from a remote location we are also available for a digital meeting.