• By registering at Smart, Smart becomes your employer for the duration of your projects. This applies for both invoiced work and projects that have been awarded cultural grants.
  • As your employer, Smart invoices the work that you have performed and from the invoiced amount pays your salary as well as taxes and social fees. This applies for individuals and groups.
  • Through Smart you can apply for cultural grants and manage them from the application and budgeting to the payment of salaries and project costs.
  • Smart’s advisors have knowledge and long-term experience in the handling of cultural projects and are able to meet your needs in English, Spanish, French and Polish. Register today to get in touch with an advisor.

Smart Calculator:

Gross salary:
Net salary + Expenses:

[(( field 1 / 1.0695 ) - ( field 14 )) / (1.3142)] kr

[(((( field 1 / 1.0695 ) - ( field 14 )) / (1.3142) )* (0.7)) + field 14 ] kr

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50% of the amount entered above is deducted to cover taxes, social fees and Smart’s fee.

For musicians and pensioners other tax percentages apply and you can instead contact us at for an individual calculation.

For complex calculations, administration and budgetting pertaining to your project, contact Smart at the above adress and receive access to our free project budget template.