A musician in a band registers a Smart account. When he/she is asked to play a gig, the musician turns to Smart and fills in the financial information for the gig on his/her pages on the user web. Smart ensures that the necessary terms and conditions regarding the gig are included in the agreement with the client. After the show, the musician registers an invoice via Smart’s web tools that the concert organizer then pays.
With the money payed to the Smart account, the musician can decide how much of the sum will go to his own salary and decide when and how often he/she want the payout. The musician can also pay other band members’ salaries with Smart. We are responsible for the payment of taxes and fees on time.
Other revenue to the Smart account may be remuneration for copyrighted material or public funding.
The first payment from the Smart account can normally be made one week after Smart has sent the invoice to the client – regardless of the payment period applicable to the invoice sent to the client.